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Apr 15, 2024

Meet Cindy, a virtual spokesperson designed to forge stronger connections between shoppers and shopping centers. Cindy was created using AI tools, but isn't herself an AI. This episode explores the motivations behind Cindy's creation. The team behind Cindy delves into the challenges and successes of bringing a virtual influencer to life, emphasizing the potential of virtual influencers in building trust and authenticity. This conversation also touches on the technological and creative processes involved in designing Cindy's appearance and personality, aiming to reflect a broad appeal while maintaining a specific charm. 

- Liz Glosson is Director of Account Management at The Dealey Group.
- Ashlyn Booth is Senior Vice President, Director of Strategy & Marketing for Retail Property Management at JLL.
- Corbett Guest is President and Chief Strategy Officer at Imaginuity. 

To see Cindy in action, watch a video version of this episode:

James Cook is the Director of Retail Research in the Americas for JLL. 

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