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May 31, 2017

Join the retail research team as they visit some of Las Vegas' top retail landmarks.

Download a pdf of the Flagship Confidential report and follow along at home.

May 25, 2017

What We Can Learn From Record Stores (with ShopCore's Mike Jordan) - Where We Buy #29 James talks with Mike Jordan of Shopcore about one retail niche that you may be surprised to learn still exists. Record stores, once left for dead, are now actually growing in number. Got a retail question? Tweet at @JamesDCook Read...

May 18, 2017

Retail Fun & Fashion (Alan Lacy, Chairman of the Board at Dave & Buster's) - Where We Buy #28 James talks with Alan Lacy, the Chairman of the Board at Dave & Buster's and former CEO of Sears. Alan speaks frankly about discount retail, department stores, fast fashion, the grocery sector and more. Got a retail question?...

May 6, 2017

Episode 27 - Rachel Elias Wein & Ryan Severino When does it make sense for retailers to own the shopping centers they occupy? James talks to Rachel Elias Wein of WeinPlus to answer that question. Also, economist Ryan Severino explains how consumer confidence can be high despite slow GDP growth. Got a retail question?...