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Aug 30, 2018

Subscriptions for goods and services have been around for a long time, but it seems like a million more have cropped up recently. Do any of them have the power to disrupt the retail status quo? James Cook digs into this question with Rachel Elias Wein, founder of Wein Plus

Read Rachel's blog post that inspired this...

Aug 23, 2018

Johnathan Ledesma, a partner with developer Project^, talks through the ups and downs of two adaptive reuse projects in Portland's West End district. Blackbox is an historic brick building, now transformed to hold unique retail and creative office space. Union Way is a sunny shopping alley connecting two popular streets...

Aug 16, 2018

Portland, Oregon's West End district is a place where hip boutiques, national chains, historic buildings, food carts and local restaurants all vie for one's attention. James Cook joins Patricia Raicht, Tim Harrison and Karen Busteed for a tour of this developing district.

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Aug 9, 2018

Coworking tenants in office spaces are big and growing bigger. Are coworking operations a good fit for retail buildings and shopping centers? Would you work at the mall?

James Cook talks with:

  • Stephanie Lee & Ellen Shakespear of Spaceus, a creative coworking space in Boston.
  • Scott Homa, the director of U.S. office...

Aug 3, 2018

James Cook reveals the results of a new back-to-school survey of 1,000 parents.  

Elizabeth Faulkner, who is both a Boston area parent and a retail property marketing expert, talks about her own back-to-school shopping habits and how shopping centers have changed how they approach this valuable shopping...