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Nov 28, 2022

There are a slew of new tech companies hoping to serve the shopping center industry.  Jesse Michael and Lee Jackson have talked to hundreds of these vendors and are ready to share what they've learned. Also, Randall MacKillop talks about the Mallcomm tenant experience app and how the pandemic accelerated the growth and...

Nov 20, 2022

A brand is just a story that people tell. So how do you take control of your own story? Sarah Malcom of ad agency Quiet Valor explains the simple steps anyone can make to start telling their stories online.

James Cook is the director of retail research in the Americas for JLL. 

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Nov 3, 2022

Velocity Esports is targeted at the Millennial and Gen Z gamer. It offers esports lounges, arcade games, social gaming, live tournaments, and elevated casual dining with craft beverages. Executive chairman, Phillip Kaplan explains the entertainment chain's history and growth strategy.

James Cook is the director of...