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Sep 29, 2023

Dannon Shiff is SVP of Real Estate at Dave's Hot Chicken, the popular fast-casual restaurant that has gained attention for its hot chicken sandwiches. The chain started with a pop-up location in East Hollywood and has since expanded with multiple brick-and-mortar restaurants across the United States. The menu at Dave's...

Sep 17, 2023

Physical retail has not always been at the vanguard of technology.  In this episode, we meet two companies that are striving to change that. Taj Adhav, the founder of Leasecake, shares insights on how his lease management platform simplifies the lives of retailers. Additionally, Fab Stanghieri and Owen Remers from...

Sep 8, 2023

Celebrities and influencers have a bigger impact than ever in the world of retail and restaurants. Hear from celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson about what it's like to navigate this complex environment.

On this episode:
- Chef Marcus Samuelsson on what it’s like owning and operating restaurants as a celebrity chef
- Jay...

Sep 1, 2023

Chad Cress, Chief Creative Officer at DJM talks about the transformation underway at Ovation Hollywood. The property was originally built as a  tourist destination, but now DJM is making it into something special that locals will also want to visit.

Chad also discusses Lido Marine Village and the landmark tenant that...

Aug 25, 2023

Mark Kalkwarf and Skye Revell of Atypical talk about how they use the tools of consumer marketing to elevate the profiles of their commercial real estate clients.

James Cook is the director of retail research in the Americas for JLL. 

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